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60 Text Animation presets Download Alight Motion App

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60 Text Animation presets Alight motion link direst download link no password required in technokannada.com

Editing Tips: let’s see how it turns out, okay, maybe I will extend the background again like this on this color palette I delete it first, it means I turn it off first okay we preview we add it to this third layer okay like this when we will duplicate again fill we duplicate then back off 5 frames like this .

If so, we will change the color to, we will activate the color pallet first we change the color to color we activate the pallet teeny we change the color to this color be sure this also changes let’s look at this, okay if you have let’s preview it from the beginning okay when friends live Just match the length we cut it we choose these three and continue to cut okay.

Then we group all the text we are a group like this then friends can click this one for the group okay take a look okay, this is already done, if friends want add another effect friends can add the effect so that it will be even better long shadow effect in color and light we are looking for this long shadow.

Long shadow then on I changed the opacity I just went up to about twenty Okay then on this fill I just increase it to one hundred percent so that in the end it looks like a faded effect okay let’s see How okay then we will add effects like after this, the stroke is finished, the stroke animation is finished suddenly shrinks a little so how we go to the second that the stroke animation has finished,

we will see the last stroke animation at what frame maybe one … one two five okay then we set it on the scale we give the keyframe here we go one second so two fifteen then we can scale down a little like this as possible okay then we paste the curve that we just copied here let’s preview it, we turn off the color pallet first okay let’s see maybe we preview again.

we can reverse it a little big so that the effect is more pronounced like that we cut the background here and and the result after rendering will be like this okay until this is the tutorial on the video this time, hopefully it’s useful if the theme of a friend wants to request a tutorial or ask, please write in the comments column below or can DM me on Instagram.

How to Download 60 Text Animation presets:

Qr code and direct Download links available below link to start downloading presets.



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