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Alarm Clock Connect Advanced customization app-technokannada.com

Alarm Clock Connect

Alarm Clock Connect is one of the advanced apps that have appeared in the app stores and Google play store app. Once can enjoy waking up to his or her music, Facebook, twitter, daily calendar events, weather and many other favorites. You can go through the video demo of this particular app at   The app, is a completely customized solution and substitute for alarm clocks. It helps the users wake up to the music that they love. This app also helps the users acquire their preferred information.


You can select any music or audio from your iPod library. The additional sound option is available. It is an alternative. It can be used with the local notification feature also. The local notification alarm can be served as a backup alarm lest you leave the app. If there is any plan for using the alarm outside of app, you are to enable the feature in setting, and the ringer switch is to be turned on. You can set a reoccurring alarm for any day of the week, and it can also allow several times on the different days in flexible schedules. The option for optional note is available. This one is handy as you are leaving and your alarm going off, there are the reminders. The modern clock face is available and 12 and 24 hours modes are introduced. Comprising prevalent oversized Snooze and Wake buttons you can set multiple alarms for your alarm or reminder needs. There is a dimming panel and it is used for decreasing the screen illumination while sleeping. This app provides alarm fade-in option. You can find the independent alarm volume preference option from device volume and music player Connect.

Weather Features:

The automatic retrieval is available for the local weather in relation with the current location of the user. The current temperature is obtainable. You can have a three-day forecast and it comprises the temperature and the weather conditions. As the alarm goes off, the weather is automatically refreshed. The information can be refreshed manually anytime. The reading option on Celsius or Fahrenheit is available. The dynamic background images correspond with the current weather conditions and the day time.

Calendar Features:

You can find the current date panel, and your daily events from the calendar app can automatically be fetched. Go for reviewing. The all events can be views just by tapping the button of the events. Tapping on the event description helps you edit an event. You can add new events to your schedule Connect.

Music Player Features:

You can choose any media from your iPod library and these can Music, Podcasts or Audio books. It can function alone from the selection of the alarm music. The time feature option can stop the music automatically. You can find 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes as the music sleep timers. This app comprises sensible controls and volume dial. The vibrant album art is also available.

Social Networking Features:

You can sign in to your Twitter and Facebook timeline and news feed. As the alarm goes off, the feeds are automatically refreshed.  The information can be refreshed manually. You can find the update of post status at your Facebook account. The tweet can be posted to your Twitter account.

Settings Menu:

Go for tapping and dragging the friction point beneath the time you can reveal the application settings menu. You can enable or disable the local notifications. It can toggle Celsius or Fahrenheit. You can also find alarm fade-in preference and alarm volume preference in setting.

This app has possessed 4+ rating based on its criteria. iTunes appraised this app. The current version has received 16 consumer ratings, and the overall versions have gained 47 ratings. In the version 1.22 the issue relating with snooze notification is fixed, as the snooze notification was not disabling properly.

Alarm Clock Pros & Cons:

The interface is good and the other features appear nice. The dimming screen option and the graphics are good. The calendar window seems decent. The weather information cannot be refreshed properly. To play the selected music of iTunes it creates problem, the backup sound occurs as it is annoying. u want to download this app link.

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