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Art Of Ware 3 Global :

Art Of Ware 3 Global Confederation is an application for iPhone,Android Touch requiring 4.0 or later. The version of this app is 2.2 and it appeared on the 14th January, 2010. The size of this app is 11.40 MB. Gear Games has introduced this app. This app is free of cost.

The strategic fans in real time

If we consider the present time in 2038 we can see that in between the 20 years the Earth is to be governed by the Global . This Earth is single entity and it is united including the all continents and the countries. The era will appear in sense of mankind. The Global territory wars become diminished in intensity as it can make enhance the wage for a century. The app depicts the world economy ahead. The budget for the military machine is not to be sustained as it is to spend on the progress. The scientific innovations as well as the horizons on Earth including the outer space were to be open.

Art Of Ware 3
Art Of Ware 3 Game

However, there is a possibility of breaking the peace and quietness as because the opposition is to disturb the policy of Senat. The confrontation is to be organized and it is to be also gained the momentum throughout the world. The whole reserve of the Confederation is to be disbursed by the Senate towards the limited peace-keeping forces to restrain the rebellion.

You see some unruly activities have been spotted near the city of Pucallpa adjoining the eastern part of Peru. Art Of Ware 3 Before this, South America was the most peaceful area of these regions. As a player you are to crush the uprising of Peru and to arrest the leader of the rebellion. You are to be given the responsibility relating to the future mankind. The general of the Confederation you have to simply repress the insurgency in Peru.

Achieving the goal, you have to complete the seven missions of the drive, and these missions are on the diversified terrains bordering Amazon jungle to the mountain ranges of the Andes. This game based app is full of machineries facilities and the up gradations. Each of the side possesses the decent tools along with its specifications, the fighting qualities and the own tactics. The game is dynamic as a result you will not be bored in time of campaign.  You see missions are not enough, these require more additional customized maps.

While talking about the appearances of the game

The game possesses

  • decent modern 3D-rendered graphics;
  •  7 mission in different locations from the Amazonian jungles to the highlands of the Andes; 
  • big variety of units and upgrades; each party possessing its own weapons and equipment with special characteristics;
  • each party having its own battle tactics; high dynamics of game; and  
  • 15 additional custom missions.

In version 2.3 you can find the multi- tasking supportive option, fixed bugs as well as adaptability for iOS 4.2.

The version, 2.3 appeared on the 21st February, 2011 and in size it is 11.8 MB. This application is available in English and Russian language.  The app is rated 9+ due to mild horror or fear themes.  The app is requiring iOS 4.2 or later and Android platforms in relation with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


Because of update, it runs well on iOS and Android 4.2. The players who played Star craft will enjoy running this app.

Google Play Store Download
Google Play Download

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