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Cool Facts 10,500+ Single Book Application Download- technokannada.com

Cool Facts 10,500+ Book is an app for iPhone Android falling in the entertainment category. This is a free of cost; the version of this app is 2.1.1 appeared on the 28th June 2010. The size of this app is 1.90 MB. The seller of this app is Webworks, and it is programmed by Webworks and Applications. The copyright belongs to © Webworks and Applications, Inc. This app is to be matched with iPhone, iPod touch, Android 5.0 above requiring iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

If you opt for learning some new things, 10,500+ is here, you have to shake the iPhone or Android for moving to the next fact. Swiping left, swiping down or taping the iPhone or iPod for moving towards the next fact. Swiping right or swiping up for moving to the previous fact.

It is a gaggle when a group of geese on the ground and similarly, when a group geese in the air, it is a skein, have you ever known these facts? The print of tongue of everyone is different compared to the fingerprints. If you ignite a cup of gasoline, it can create the same explosive power of 5 dynamite sticks.

The version, 3.00

The Cool Facts Book updated version, 3.00 is available in the market and it is sketched for iPhone and iPad. This version appeared on the 21st December, 2010. The size of this app is 4.3 MB, and available in English. This one is rated 4+. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and Android requiring iOS3.0 or a later one. The current version does have the 2080 ratings and the all versions do have 98000 ratings App download link.

In version 3.0.0 one can find new re-design, and new application icon. One can share via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail.


This is a free priced app. This app sounds good.


It contradicts the number of facts and perhaps there are only 6000 facts other than 10,000 + or 10,513 facts. The 4000 facts are being repeated. This is to be fixed.

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