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Happy birthday wishes Whatsapp status kinemaster black screen video

How to create happy birthday wishes whatsapp status and wishes video in advanced just u can download i can given download link this article below link , im explaining to editing guide.

Hwello my viewers im explain u  Your phone  or your tablet. From testing a huge rangeof apps, my recommendations were Cyber link PowerDirector  and Kline Master. In this video, we’re

gone dive a little deeper into  Kine Master on Android. We’re gone run throughExactly  how to edit your video sand get great results using the app. Now this video isn’t gone bea full featured review of the app. We’re also not gonecover off every feature and every tool that’sAvailable in the app.

We’re gone be running through a full editing process end to end, covering everything you needto know to get you editing fast and to get great resultsusing your Android device. We’ll have a similar video coming out soon for Cyber link Power Director on Android, which we’ll link in the cards. Now before we jump in,

we’re gone be followingthrough the Primal Video method, which is the mostefficient editing process to help you eliminateany rework or wasted time while you’re editing. We did a video on this a while backbut if you haven’t seen it,

you can download the pdf  hereto help you with your videos. So when you first open up Kline Master, before you start your editing, one of the first things youshould check is the settings. So select settings. Now Kline Master, beingprobably the most advanced video editing app across any device that’s not an actual PC or Mac,gives you a ton of options.

But the one that I’dsuggest you check first is your export frame rate,Which is down near the bottom? So for me, the footage that I’m editing is 25 frames per second PAL footage so I’m gone change myproject, or Kline Master to working exactly the same. If the video files thatYou’re looking to edit were actually captured

with your Android device, then it’s highly likely thatthey were actually captured at 30 frames per second. So default of 30 framesper second is probably fine for most people. Okay, so now that that’s out of theway,it’s time to start your project. So hit the big button inthe middle of the screen and then select empty project. So when u open ups,you’ve got a intuitive interface. You’ve got your timeline down the bottom.

You’ve got all your controls for playback, importing, and exporting on the right. And on the left, you gotthings like undo, redo, share, settings, you can zoomin on your timeline, and you can jump straight backto the start of your video. So now that we’ve quicklycovered the interface, the first step is

toimport your video files. So just select media browser, navigate through to find your footage, select the clip that you want to use, and hit the tick in the top right corner. And you’ll see straightaway that your footages has been to dropped  into your timeline of editing.

The first step fromto hereis to start to refine all your video footage. So you want to remove anything that you’re absolutely notgone use in your end product. So we’ll start bytrimming the extra footage at the start of our video clip. So to do that, we just

tap on the video clip and you’ll see straight away that we get this yellow box around it, and there’s a yellow handle on the left. If we tap on that handle anddrag across to the right, then we can change the endpoint or the start point of this video clip.

So we’ll slide it across tojust before I start talking and we’ll do exactly the same at the end. When ur  tap on our videos  ,we get our yellow handle. And we’ll just tap and drag

the end point of our video back to where we want our video to finish. So like I said, in this step, we’re going through and removing everything that wedon’t want in our video. So back in the middle of our clip here, I’m sure there’s some sections.




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