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Kine Master – Pro 4.14.4 Amazing video Editor 2020 Download

About kine-master app :

Kine Master pro 4.14.4 is the latest updated version, released in August 2020, Now Edit all kind of photos and video editing 4k supported UN limited images, UN limited video layer supporting available in this app.

How to remove water mark :

How to remove watermark from kine-master You are watching technokannada.com   Welcome back ! open kinemaster do your video editing as per your required aspect ratio If you could edit your video in such a way that your image or video file.

Does not comes with contact of watermark your work is almost 75% completed Lets see what is the remaining 25% Before that ,ill export this video,just skip the pro poster, video has been exported, lets see what to do next Open play store- search crop and trim and look for this symbol app it is 29mb only download it If download is completed almost 90% work is over.

After this open the app and give storage permission and click on crop button open the video you need to crop from gallery after opening the video, adjust the cropping area such that the watermark does not come inside it Afr this just simply click the tick,now my new  video has got exported without any watermark.

Watch the proof OK. What if my video fully covers the logo, lets see how to face that criteria as usual open kine master , let your video be any ratio 16:9 or 9:16 no worries just click on background and add a color Any random color you need ,i choose black color here.

i am doing project in 16:9 Any thing you add after just add in layer and do the editing that s all so simple hereafter Now you could see i had added a image as layer in the video Just adjust the photo or video so that it does not get inside the watermark and export the video.

After the export is completed same old procedure Open crop and trim and and select the video. as usual same procedure do adjust the cropping area So that no watermark gets inside and then click the export button Now you will get your video without any watermark.

No more purchase for watermark, hope felt useful for people who doesn’t use mod By this simple trick you can export videos without watermark  any doubts ask in comment section,Thank you!!

How to Download Kine Master pro 4.14.4 latest version :

Click this link to download Kine Master pro 4.14.4 16740.GP Download 2 types of links available media fire and Google drive links. if your choice which type of link u want click to download, U have any problem to download install process Go and watch my youtube channel G tech Kannada.

Kine master Media-fire Link 1 :



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