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Life line new whatsapp status video, avee player new template green screen video Download

How to create life line new whats app status video avee player new template green screen video download .im given download link in this article below link.

Now i m explaining u kine master video editing part 5 how to add in our music track or any audio to your project. So we’ll just click on audio. And in this case, the song that we wants on the phone itself sowe’ll go down to folders, we’ll hit download, and we’re one import “Golden Skies”. So you just select the track, hit the plus button, and it’s dropped down into your timeline. Then hit the tick in the top corner to get back to your editing screen. So once again,

exactly the same as with any other clip in this app,you have the ability to have full control over editing your audio clips as well. You can tap on the clip, you can split it,you can pick it up, you can move it, you can adjust the time with the handles, so you really get some great control over your editing in this app. Okay so the next stepis to add in any titles.

So we’ll come back to the start of our clip, select layer, and then text. Enter the text that you want for your title and hit okay. Now that your title’s there on the screen, you can resize it or rotate itby using the two buttons on the text boxer you can just pick up the title and move it to where you want it. While we’ve still got our title selected, you can also add an animation to animate that title in or onto the screen. As you click on the different

ones, it gives you a preview of what that animation’s gone look like. So we’ll just select fade. And we’ll also add on an out animations that our title’s gone fade inland it’ll stay on-screenfor a period of time and then it’ll fade back out. They also have a heap ofoptions around adding things like shadow, glow,outline, background color, and even the ability to add afull width background as well.

Okay so we’ll come back out of here now and we’ll add another title. So we’ll hit layer and then text. Type in Primal Video. And then we just drag our title down underneath Justin Brown. Now we just need to apply thesame in and out animations. So we come over to inAnimation and select fade and back and out animationAnd hit fade as well. So now when we hit play,You’ll see that both titles fade in, stay on theScreen, and then fade out.

So if you wane add in anyTransitions between your clips, then select the littlebox between your clips and the transitions panel will open. And you can see here that there’s quite a few a to choose from. Normally, on a video like this, I wouldn’t be adding too manyTransitions or effects in so I’ll just undo itUsing the undo button.

Next up, we now adjustThe volumes on our clips. So if you wane adjust theVolume on an an individual clip, then select the clip,Select the volume button, and you can see you’veGot two options in there. The one on the left is theactual volume for that track. And because we’ve selectedour primary video track, it also gives you the option to

decrease your background music, while this clip is playing, by whatever percentage that you set there. So if you drop it to,say, 27% or minus 27%,whenever there’s any noisecoming, or any talking coming, out of that primary video layer, any music tracks will be dropped by 27%but only while there’s talking or noise from that primary video clip.

So we’ll leave these asdefault and we’ll go back and we’ll adjust thevolume on our music clips. So select your clip, go tovolume, and the slider there will adjust the volume

for that music clip. So in this case, we’ll drop it down to about 48%. If we wane fade our audio in at the start of our video and out at the end ofour video, go to settings and then, under audio, enable fade in. Then just drag this slider to the period of time that you want the audio to fade in over.

And you can also do the same for fade out here as well. Now if we come across to video,then you can turn on and offend adjust the period of time for the fade in and out from black, for your video as well. The next step is to color correct your video.

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