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LockMyPix Best Photo & Video Password Locker [Hider] App Download :technokannada.com

LockMyPix Photo & Video locker app :

LockMyPix pro V 5.1 latest version : Best Video and photo hider & password Locker android app Download latest version 2020 Updated application, If u want to Download this app Download link available in this article below Download &enjoy.

Best app Locker For android :

Best Android app Locker without ads it means you don’t see any ads while trying to unlock your application using this app Locker Also, I show you how to lock your apps with full security using this app now Let’s start the tutorial.

You can Go to Play Store the app is called LockMyPix pro click on install button to download the app after app is installed open it and now you will see a pop-up asking to allow the basic access and click on continue and click on allow and again allow and again click on allow and again, allow and now you can set a pattern or you can change it to a pin and It’s your choice and I will use a pattern.

You need to connect four dots and again, I will re-enter the pattern and now it asks you to set up a security question and click on OK and It is asking who is my mom? I Will just type it as mother and click on the tick mark on the top and Here you can see it shows guests mode enabled and It automatically locks some of your apps.

Click on settings and go to privacy lock and Enable allow usage tracking and now come back and now draw your pattern And This is the home page of the application and on the home page You can lock or unlock an application and you have options like modes app cover break-in alert in settings page you have options like reset password also you can change your unlock option and change.

Security question and you also have password prompt you have advanced protection if you want you can turn it on and You have remainder of new apps invisible pattern and also lock settings I will turn on invisible pattern.

So if you want to change this pattern to the password just click on change to password and set the password it is a four digit password and You can change it to a passcode if you don’t like pattern So now in modes you have three ways to change modes actually What are the modes? In different modes, you can unlock or lock Different apps.

How to Download LockMyPix pro latest version app :

U want to Download latest version LockMyPix photo & video password Hider app link available below, Click Download button to start downloading process, if u like this article please visit my Website more apps available.



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