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Pandora Box Black Mages Puzzle game 2D interesting game Download :technokannada.com

Pandora Box Black Mages Puzzle game:

The Box was related with a large jar known as Pithos. In Greek, pithos (πιθος)   is a large ceramic jar used in ancient Greece for storing oil or grain. Pandora (Πανδώρα) received this jar.

In this pithos, one can find all the evils of the world. The contents of the jar appeared when Pandora opened the pithos. If you open the pithos today it means it is to create evil and it is uncompleted yet.

Pandora Box
Pandora Box download

While tapping the app, you are to be on a screen with a picture depicting ordinary mythical Pandora’s Box. Beneath, you will have a button which instructs to open and tap, and you will have one of the three pictures. These pictures are unusual. The intention behind the arrangement of the pictures is  to scare people who open the box.

Specification of Black Mages Puzzle :

Category: Entertainment; Price: free , Size: 85 MB, Version: 1.2.1, Date: 19th March , 2020, Seller: Lee Sunja, Programmer: Contradictory. This app is compatible with iPhone, and android iPod Touch and iPad requiring iOS 3.1.2 or a later one plus Android 5.1 above versions.

In this app Pandora box, there is not any more obvious content. This app for iPhone and Android gained 12+ rating based on its content, and iTunes store and Google play store assessed this rating. The current version does have 46 ratings

How To play :

First u can download this app Download Link Available in this article below link download and install it after open this app first select language then ok it will be loading with music select start button select free play level 1 shoeing fully block boxes u can touch to any box its shoeing numbers never open eye box game wile end u can perfectly open all boxces u r tha winner next level will be com this simple way to play this game, if u like this article pleace give your best rating thank u, in this Game, Black Mages Puzzle game game Download link is hear download and enjoy.

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