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Red Eye medical scientific mates application Download :technokannada.com

Rad Eye :

Red Eye is an application for Android and ios app. This medical application concentrates on the educational presentation of the medical radiology. It is also working as a personal reviewer.

This is a photo viewer. The automatic center alignment and the font adjustment relate to the most of the displaying areas. It is the application for the radiological review, and contrast and brightness controlling option make this app enriched and convenient. Because of the requirement of the presentation, any user can control the Bluetooth keyboard remotely. This is another option that helps the virtual keyboard hide as it connects with the original Bluetooth keyboard.

The programmer of this app is Agape Fellowship, and the seller is Weijen TU. The copyright is on behalf of © WEIJEN. The appearing date was the 12th October, 2010 based on the version 1.1. The compatibility is iPad requiring iOS 3.2 or later, it is still free of cost. It has gained the average rating of 2.50 out of 20. There are 5 screenshots available.

The signal control system offers you run the app in the following manner.
In single tap covers the display or the hide functional bar. While for zoom in or out, the pinch or double taps are available. Under key control, dot “.” Key indicates zoom in. Similarly comma “,’ key covers zoom out. “M” key helps increase contrast or brightness value, “N’ key makes decrease the contrast or brightness value and space bar covers the contrast or brightness switch.

The S key indicates the move up and “X’ key covers the move down. Similarly, for right move and for left move the “C” and “Z” keys are working respectively. To reset the contrast or brightness default value is indicated by Zero “0” key. One “1” Key covers turn on or off histogram. The key ‘2” helps open mail editor along with the enclosed photographs.
In the new version 1.1, the functional bar disappearing is fixed, the disappearance was occasional. It is a 4 plus rated app.

The automatic center alignment and the font adjustment relate to the most of the displaying areas. This is a good learning medical app on radiology.

Now u can click this link to download Red eye application for android.



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