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Smart Night Clock Stand alarm and smart clock app- technokannada.com

Smart Night Clock:

Smart Night Clock Stand is one of the best apps for iPhone and Android & it becomes a single universal app . The NINTH clock theme appears a stunning one. The newly introduced powerful stopwatch makes this app a decent one. The support for background alarms in iOS4 and exclusive Retinal Display optimization for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G; all together make this app, Night Stand HD a good one in the utility category at the App store.


This app is comfortable with android and ios devices simple to use interface dark mode and night modes available to use requiring android 4.0 or above versions.

This features of this app

Smart Night Stand HD is a universal app. Download and you can use this app on iPad and iPhone or iPod Touch. As you love this app you are to love it on all of your devices. The iPhone Retina Display is awesome. Every pixel is re-drawn to make this app a better one in appearance. Now it looks pretty on new iPhone and iPod Touch. Only on iPad, the new clock becomes extraordinary. In the version, 1.5, the new gorgeous stopwatch is being added.  Since Spoon Juice is passionate on pixels, the 9 stunning clocks have been handcrafted. This option is for iPad, iPhone or iPhone 4. It is really an app for providing alarm. You can set many alarms as you like.

With the assistance of iOS 4.0 it can run on your iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G, they all work in the background and you need not to be worried to run the app all the time. The iPod integration can make you wake up to your own music. You are to simply select a track from your iPod music library. You require a few taps and you are set. This app, Night Stand HD, can inconspicuously display your local weather information on the screen of the app. Just set the location. The world clock for iPhone is available in this app now. The customized color for LCD is also introduced. The standard 3-color LCD clock screen is available and you have the ability to make your own colors.


En gadget asserts that the app is essential when someone deals with a plan for a series of journeys with the assistance of iPad. This is app is required definitely added by Mac world.  It is a hit as there 20,000 downloads in just 30 days as Forbes added.

The current version is available in the market and it was released on the 17th November, 2010. The version, 1.5.3 is iOS 4.0 tested. This version is 36.7 MB in size. In the current version, the bugs are fixed and one is related with selecting weather tab Clock stand app.

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