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Trend creater avee player and kinemaster ready video download

Hello mu viewers in this article im explaining u how to make and download Trend creater avee player and kinemaster ready video download.

Gmail 5.0 with Material Design now available, download it now

For weeks we knew of the existence of a redesigned Gmail app in the style Material Design . This new design on the Android operating system and that of course includes all Google applications will be a before and an after in mind the visual quality of the operating system , granting a bonus to the platform.

But curiously, Material Design may not be the most important part of Gmail 5.0. And is that Google has decided to support within this same application to different mail accounts such as Yahoo, Outlook or even iCloud . What does it mean? That practically can manage all our email accounts on Android from a single application , an application with a very nice design, suitable for all devices and whose updates come directly from the hand of Google.

While previously there was a “mail” application included in any Android device, with which we could manage our Gmail accounts outside the step by Google is very clear . It is not worth to be the most widespread platform for tablets and phones, to be the world’s largest search engine but email and the use of their product to manage our accounts be emails now more than ever an area where Mountain View company could have a new hegemony.

As for the design , implementation now takes on a very simple and minimalistic reddish , but ornately attractive and important ease of use. Here everything remains virtually unchanged, except for the option to add accounts from other platforms, something that did not exist in Gmail until now.

After the arrival of Inbox to Android and Web landscape looked like Gmail could go into the background , but the leap that Google has in incorporating email accounts whose origin is outside of Google can be the step forward that this application needed to be a reference to any user, even when using different platforms makes our devices to force to use multiple applications for management the similar on many occasions.

Pushbullet 15.0 Comes with Material Design and major improvements.

One of omy favorite apps across all platforms is Pushbullet .As we know, we can give the uses are varied, but the key point is the overall interconnection of different devices together . For example, we can send files from our computer to our smartphone quickly and easily, but also can make the notifications we receive in the second to appear on the computer, and if we have any additional app, can even make quick-reply .

But the apps evolve and Pushbullet would expect and have already released version of the application with aesthetic Material Design to prepare for the arrival of Android Lollipop . The news is very exciting especially because it shows signs of interest from developers for hosting the newest of Google.

This point may seem obvious is one that has always scared us in the functional and aesthetic transitions in Android. It seems that something is changing and accommodating Lollipop could be faster than that suffered apps and Ice Cream Sandwich Holo .

But not everything is there. A recent addition of notifications channels (feeds), adds significant improvements to the rendering of pushes and now the app presents a kind of history that shows all information channels, friends, received files, etc. In that sense Pushbullet 15.0 also offers better search and filtering to examine separately the sources of all that we have received, so that the user does not have to make too many efforts in a tangle of messages.

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